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[recruitment of participants] Health easy dance workshop of SAM

Publication day to display page for print: January 11, 2018

Information of recruitment of Health easy dance workshop participants of SAM

Much-talked-about Health dance of SAM produce to be able to enjoy in family three generations!

Let's do health promotion with SAM happily!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

It is 17:30 from 15:00

 From reception desk start 14:30

○Deadline for object, capacity, offer


Sammu City residence, working, attendance at school age does not have limit.
(less than third grader are accompanied by protector)


150 people

≪Deadline for offer≫

Until Friday, February 2 17:00

※When we do not reach capacity, (suburbs residence) excluding mentioned above can participate.

 Please refer after February 3.

○Application method

・We apply by email

Title → "SAM workshop participation hope"

The text → Full name, address (as for the address unnecessary, city working attendance at school the office, school name), age, contact information

Please propose to the following e-mail address.

 ※We are raising various lecture at the same time. Please input title without forgetting.

・Please let know facsimile 0479 (86) 3320 email and the contents.

・We visit public hall window  

・Telephone 0479 (86) 3090

 ※Apply for window and telephone at 17:00 from 9:00. (every Monday is closed day.)

 ※Apply by the above, either method.

 ※Receptionist becomes the end as soon as we reach capacity.

 ※As you do not contact person who can take lectures, come to venue directly in time in.

Participation application [PDF file /404KB]

○Lecturer introduction

○Lecturer introduction

 Sam photograph of lecturer

(no company) Who demonstration dance representative director

TRF dancer

Dance creator


○Entrance fee

Free of charge


※Please prepare clothes appropriate for dance, exercise shoes, towel, change of clothes, drink for the room.

※With smartphone, digital camera basically personal about taking picture of photograph and video in individuals

 I decline shooting of artist firmly.

※For homepage publication and public information, we may photograph state of dance on the day.

 Sorry for your inconvenience, but person who does not hope for mio including image, please report to the staff beforehand at reception desks.

※Valuables use locker of public hall locker room, and please manage by participant each person.
(the number of lockers is limited.)

※Person coming by car rides on if possible, and please appear.

※Please use public transport if possible.

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