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Dance workshop of Matsuo public hall midsummer is held!

Publication day to display page for print: July 6, 2018

Recruitment of dance workshop participants of Matsuo public hall midsummer!

In this summer, we invite PInO and RIYO & Ryohey to lecturer!

We bring your participation to the making of hot memory of summer vacation!

Dance workshop [PDF file /304KB] of midsummer


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

From reception desk 13:30

Part 1 from 14:00 to 14:45 PInO workshop guide

        Break 15 minutes

Part 2 from 15:00 to 15:45 PInO workshop beginner's class

        Break 15 minutes

Part 3 from 16:00 to 17:00 RIYO&Ryohey workshop

※Dance beginner can experience Part 1, too.

※We can have Part 3 participate successively from Part 1.

○Object, capacity

Participation is OK in anyone target!

Each 20 capacity class first arrival (we accept as soon as we reach capacity and become the end.)

○Offer period

 From Friday, July 6 to Friday, July 27

○Application method

We apply by email facsimile

 E-mail address following clearly stating address, full name, age (school year), phone number, "participation class desired,"

 Please propose to Fax number. 


 Fax number 0479-86-3320

 ※Please list "dance lecture of midsummer" in title of email.

 ※As you do not reply to person who can take lectures, come to venue directly in time in.

It is application over visit, telephone to public hall window

 Phone number 0479-86-3090

 ※Apply for window and application over telephone for from 9:00 to 17:00 on opening day.

 ※About personal information that had you apply, we do not use other than this business.

○Lecturer introduction

○Lecturer introduction

Pinoshige"PInO" (the photograph left)

We form dance team Pinocchio in 92 and succeed in winning a prize commencing with championship in every domestic contest. We handle more than 100 showcases by free-style not to get snagged on frame which continues being original as "music solid expression machine" a year and are getting great support from artists of not only dancer but also various genres now.

Support dancers will have choreography and direction of artist again in the measure scenes, too, and trust from artists is high now, too.

We develop various shows in various parts of Japan, and, in underground performance scene, it is commonly said as dancer operating most in Japan creating more than 100 works a year.

"RIYO&Ryohey" Riyo(the photograph right)

We form team "RIYO&Ryohey" in 2013. After that we give some works as appearance, choreographer to show of club. We go W.S, and even each including lesson and back dancer is active.

In addition, lecturer of dance team "Renki" of city acts as "RIYO", too.

We learn dance at local culture school at time of sixth grader, and we are attracted at the age of high school student by street dance and encounter, hiphop and Lock. We enter technical school of dance after the graduation from high school.

We learn ballet, Jazz, hiphop, Lock, various genres including house.


○Entrance fee

Free of charge


※Please prepare clothes appropriate for dance, exercise shoes, towel, change of clothes, drink for the room.

※Valuables use locker of public hall locker room, and please manage by participant each person.
(the number of lockers is limited.)

※To child less than primary schoolchild, I would like to speak to attendant of protector.

※Photograph during lecture attendance may be published in public information paper, homepage of city.

※Person coming by car rides on if possible, and please appear.

※Please use public transport if possible.

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