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≪Let's make with all recruitment of participants >> 50! Is long ...; rolling thickly festival sushi

Publication day to display page for print: January 13, 2018

Information of recruitment of participants

Speaking of traditional foods of the Boso district, "rolling thickly festival sushi" is famous. In Sammu City in particular,

Is sold in road station orai hasunumanadono direct sale facilities.

In Matsuo public hall, is "rolling thickly festival sushi lecture" becoming annual, but this year

We challenged "length".

However, in lecture of summer vacation that was aim of 10 meters…It is 6.8 meters for 22 people….

There! Once again! We challenge 10 meters!

Of course family is one all together in close group, and anyone welcomes warmly!

It becomes one venue, and do you not make delicious memory happily?

○The date and time, venue

The date and time:

Sunday, February 4, 2018

 Afternoon from 2:00 to 4:00

 (as for the acceptance start 1:30 p.m.)


・Farm village environment improvement center (Matsuo contact building) multi-purpose hall

○Participation object, capacity

It is targeted for participation: City residence, working, attendance at school that is higher than fourth grader

      : Less than third grader are accompanied by protector (they wind up with protector.)

      : Person resident in the suburbs

Capacity: 50 (first-come-first-served basis)

○Application period, application method

[application period]

・Saturday, February 3 17:00

※We become receptionist of waiting for a cancellation when we reached capacity.

[application method]

・We apply by email

 Please propose clearly stating full name, address, phone number to the following e-mail address.

 ※We perform recruitment of plural participants at the same time. Please list "experiences made with rolled sushi" in title of email.

・Please let know facsimile 0479 (86) 3320 email and the contents.

・Tell public hall window about direct full name, address, phone number.

 ※Application to telephone, public hall window is 17:00 from 9:00 on opening day. (on every Monday closed day)

 ※Apply by the above, either method.

 About application order, we confirm on the reception date and time of email facsimile on the date and time of visit.

 ※As you do not contact person who can take lectures, come to direct venue by start time.

○Lecturer introduction

Kazuko Suzuki

Representative from experience-based studio yomogikan of meal and agriculture

Sammu City agriculture committee

○Entrance fee

Free of charge


※Belonging on the day: Thing, mask which cover up brains such as apron, bandana

※We may publish photograph which we photographed in lecture in public information of public hall Facebook and city.

 Please offer one that you cannot photograph at reception desk.

※When you are absent, please contact early.