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Information of "happy Valentine dance Festival" holding

Publication day to display page for print: January 13, 2018

Information of "happy Valentine dance Festival" viewing

[Event guidance]

 In Matsuo public hall, it is Sunday, February 11

We hold happy Valentine dance Festival.

Of everybody who usually uses Matsuo public hall

Please see result of everyday exercise by all means!

From small child to all of seniors,

Of group mainly on hip-hop and hula

It is stage.

Branch of kitchen car and cafe plans, too.

We look forward to your visit.

≪Simultaneous holding≫

Health easy dance workshop of SAM

※This needs application. Please confirm homepage of workshop.


Farm village environment improvement center multi-purpose hall


Sunday, February 11, 2018

○"Happy Valentine dance Festival"

  9:45 a.m. "opening ceremony"

  From 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. "dance presentation"

※After presentation from 3:00 p.m.

"Health easy dance workshop of SAM"

[dance presentation appearance circle introduction]

As of January 13

It is all of circles appearing on dance presentation (※ random order)


・Matsuo High School dance club






・Naruto High School dance club


・G → Improve

・Force AF (Sosa High School dance club)

・YU-KA number


・Bali dancing

・DANCERS sammu (Sammu City staff dance club)

・All back

・NEW AGE (Togane High School dance club)


 In addition, between dance presentations, SUN-MUSHI-KUN comes up, too!

Spend substantial time to viewing, local delicious thing, all of dance announcement

As you think to want to do in Event to be able to have, please go out together.

[branch plan]

 To enliven "happy Valentine dance Festival" more,

On the day such as doughnut and crepe, ramen, fried chicken of rice flour

Branch of kitchen car and cafe plans, too.

・As tell about menu at any time, without passing over!

[entrance fee]

Viewing of dance presentation is free.

Please arrive with your friends.


To all of visits

 ※Person coming by car rides on if possible, and please appear.

 ※Please use public transport if possible.

 ※State of presentation to Matsuo public hall Facebook or public relations magazine for publication

 We take a picture. One that is impossible of miga that includes image sorry for your inconvenience, but,

 On the day please report to the staff.