When medical payment is limited

Publication day to display page for print: June 13, 2018

When payment of National Health Insurance is limited

 As for the following case, payment from National Health Insurance is not received even if you take out National Health Insurance, and please be careful as it is set a limit. (attention) is paid privately in full.

◇When insurance payment is not received

・Normal Pregnancy , Childbirth

・Abortion by economic reason

※About these Pregnancy , delivery, abortion, Childbirth child care lump sum is paid if more than Pregnancy 12 weeks.

・Orthodontics, cosmetic surgery

・Medical examination, clinical survey, group medical examination


・Treatment of body odor, stain that everyday life does not have trouble

◇When insurance payment is limited

・Injury and disease by quarrel and dead drunkenness

・When we do not obey instructions of doctor and insurer

・Injury and disease by wrongful conduct and intention

◇When other insurance is usable

・Injury and disease of professional (during work and commuting) → As a general rule, we become a target of workmen's accident compensation insurance.

・When insurance of the workplace where we worked for before is usable