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Convenience store certificate grant service

Publication day to display page for print: August 1, 2018

What is convenience store grant service?

 Using resident registry card / individual number card, it is service that can acquire resident's card and seal registration certificate, tax certificate at convenience store.

*Company carrying out certificate convenience store grant service is this

What kind of certificate can you acquire?

 We can acquire copy of resident's card (for all individual, the households) and seal registration certificate (only as for the cardholder), income (taxation) certificate.

※Things which installed history which changed full name do not support special resident's card.

 ContentsConvenience store grant feeFee at window
Resident's card certified copyAll the households mention including the personOne 200 yenOne 300 yen
Resident's card abridgmentWe list among members of household including the person partly
Seal registration certificateSeal registration certificate (only as for the registering person) of the person
Income tax certificateProof which the amount of income, ratable value of the person were listed in
Income certificateProof which the amount of income of the person was listed in
Taxation (tax exemption) certificate

Proof which ratable value of the person was listed in

(Proof tax-free in the tax-free one)

Income Proof for children's allowanceProof for children's allowance

※From July 1, 2015, family register certificate was added. For more information, look here.

Is safety all right?

・As we perform payment, receipt, all at terminal of convenience store, we do not touch eyes of other people.

・After the issuance, we tell by sound and alarm of terminal and prevent collecting lapse of memory of certificate.

・As we use exclusive communication network, we can prevent leak of personal information.

Here of convenience store grant is convenient!

1.We can acquire certificate at the nearest convenience store even if we do not go to city hall!

  As it is available at convenience store stores of the whole country as well as the Sanmu city, we can acquire immediately in the place where one go to when certificate is necessary suddenly.

[service use possibility store]

※Store where neither company installs multi-copy terminal in is inapplicable.

・Seven-Eleven of the whole country

・Lawson of the whole country

 ※Lawson 100 is inapplicable.

・Circle K Sunkus of the whole country

・FamilyMart of the whole country

・MINISTOP of the whole country

2.Besides, we can acquire certificate by night on holiday in early morning when city hall is not open!

 *Service offer time: It is 23:00 from 6:30

 (from December 29 except January 3, check day)

In addition, we may stop service for maintenance even if it is the time mentioned above.

3.Grant fee is lower than window!

          Window    Convenience store 

Copy of resident's card 300 yen → 200 yen 

Seal registration certificate 300 yen → 200 yen 

Tax certificate     300 yen → 200 yen

100 yen per one is advantageous than we acquire at window

Necessary procedure

Setting of password is necessary at the time of personal number card grant.

(with grant of personal number card, application of new registration of convenience store grant of resident registry card is not going now)

 Available one

 ・Sammu City has resident registration, person who has Basic Resident Register card / individual number card 

  ※As for the other municipalities issuance who you have resident registry card, and moved into in our city, the continuation use of card is available if filed (limited to registered convenience store grant by December 28, 2015)

  ・Person who is not one 15 years or older and adult ward


About certificate

・We use paper unlike certificate issuing in city hall. (thing which usually gave paper prevention of manipulation processing of A4 size is issued)

・When it plurally becomes because of one of them with resident's cards, stapler stopper is not done. We distinguish from thing of person spelling with tsuban and page number printed outside certificate. (as for the certification mark, it is sealed only the last page)

・When fee becomes exemption by the fee regulations of city, in the case of the certificate acquisition by convenience store grant, it costs grant fee (from the back we cannot refund).

About card

・Please be careful about management of password of resident registry card / individual number card enough.

When resident registry card is lost, please connect with police station and city hall early.

When you lost personal number card, please contact my number call center (0570-783-578). When password leaks out at the same time, certificate might be acquired by another person.

・When we take the wrong password more than the constant number of times, we cannot use service. The person brings resident registry card / individual number card and identity verification documents to reopen the use, and password needs procedure of resetting.

Reference page

Local public entity information system mechanism