Contact us, opinion, suggestion

Publication day to display page for print: March 1, 2012

Contact us about business content

Please refer to post in charge for question, Contact us, request about business content of city hall directly.
We can search department of city from the following link.
In page of each department, you can see business content, phone number, fax number.

Contact us which is put a lot

Before Contact us, look at "The question which often exists(FAQs)." which you summarized Contact us which is put a lot by all of you in.

Letter (opinion, suggestion for municipal administration) to the mayor

Opinion, suggestion that aimed at town development that citizen's all of you and government collaborated and made, and was put by citizen's of municipal administration administration and duties improvement refer to.
If there is aware point about municipal administration, please send opinion.

  • We put style (paper) and the mailing post in city hall, each branch office, Matsuo IT health welfare center.
  • We would like email from this.