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Publication day to display page for print: August 1, 2018

About public information sammuno distribution

 Public information sammuno issue date is 1st every month.
 By morning edition (every day morning sun, Yomiuri, Sankei, Chiba Nippo, Japanese economy, Tokyo) insert on 1st, we send to each city household every month.

 As there is one where one where newspaper except the above is subscribed only to and newspaper are not subscribed to for city public facilities and convenience store (cooperation shop), please use.

 In addition, please inform general affairs department citizen's autonomy support section of address, full name as one that cannot obtain going out to organization distributing public information by newspaper non-subscription for difficulty mails.

Public information sammu

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Public information of voice

With public information of voice, we made contents of "public information sammu" which Sammu City citizen's autonomy support section issued sound.

It is easy to get close clearly and conveys various information of Sammu City. Please use.

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