The Great East Japan Earthquake

Publication day to display page for print: October 4, 2016

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Disaster restoration, revival

Radioactivity result of a measurement

Atmosphere environment

Water and sewage

School, child institution, nursery school

 Radioactivity related link

The damage situation in the city

Because it is the case of emergency


Lifeline information

 Electric Tokyo Electric Power

Power saving site | for homes Electricity usage situation Information blog parts

 Water supply [Naruto, Matsuo, Hasunuma area] Sanbu-gun City wide area Channel company group
     [Sanmu area] Sammu City water supply section

 Telephone NTT East Japan

     NTTdocomo (docomo)  au (A you)  Softbank (SoftBank)

Traffic information

  • Foreign inhabitants disaster support information [making: foundation Council of Local Authorities for International Relations]
    There is collection of disaster information examples by various languages.
    In addition, we introduce site that is useful for collection and dispatch of information about support at the time of disaster.