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Sanmu City Matsuo-kodomoen(Kindergarten & Nursery school)

Publication day to display page for print: May 1, 2018

Sanmu City Matsuo-kodomoen(Kindergarten & Nursery school)

The appearance

The location


55-1, Matsuomachimatsuo, Sanmu-shi

Contact information


Childcare, education target

 [aiming at upbringing of strong infant who is unique in Health with mind and body]

 ・ Child (heart that cheerful body, difficulty are got over) that both heart and body are stout
 ・ Child (we hear story of person well and can say thought) who can play with friend peacefully
 ・ Child (we think by oneself and act by oneself) who thinks by oneself, and acts

The number of class formation, the children


Group name

The number of the children



The total

0.1 years old child

Class chick




2 years old child

Class rabbit




3 years old child

Class dandelion




4 years old child

 Class violet




5 years old child

  Class niji




   The total




 As of May 1, 2018 (as for) number the number of short child part being on the register roll

2018 annual schedule


Garden event


Nursery-style promotion-style Shinnyu children reception 


We plant tradition play (5 years old child) parent and child toothbrushing classroom (5 years old child) excursion (4.5 years old child) free visit delivery training sweet potato seedling 


Children medical examination echo story meeting Sea play (4.5 years old child) parent and child bus excursion (5 years old child) parent and child toothbrushing classroom (4 years old child) playing in the water start individual interview


Star Festival pleasure society evening enjoying the cool air society closing ceremony (short child part)


The playing in the water end


Athletic meet on opening ceremony (short child part) service work night with a full moon made with dumpling


Sweet potato moat ri excursion (3.4.5 year old child) parent and child toothbrushing classroom (3 years old child) child CAP adult CAP


Children medical examination presentation ( year old child)   


Presentation (4.5 years old child) puppet play passes; saw Christmas pleasure society closing ceremony (short child part) with rice cake 


The opening ceremony (short child part)   


Bean-scattering ceremony tradition play (4 years old child) service work


Meeting graduation ceremony completion type in celebration of Doll's Festival pleasure society farewell party grandparents invitation graduation

★ We carry out every (5 years old child) ... about bekochan club for 20 days a month. It is ◎ protector participation five a month month, October, February (we do not perform in April, August, March)
★ We perform birthday party every month on 10th. (we may be changed)
★ Child institution opening is mishuenjitaisho twice a month. ★ We perform fire drill once a month. ★ Little child international exchange (activity to come in contact with ALT for English) participates on every Thursday. ★ We carry out playing in the water for around two days a week until the late June and early August.                  ※ Event may be changed by convenience.


  • On garden opening day from April, 2018, it is as follows.
  • We carry out childcare business at one time. For more details, please see childcare leaflet [PDF file /375KB] at H30 public type 1:00.
  • About Child-rearing support center business, please see this (page of Child-rearing support center)

    Child institution opening

    In Matsuo-kodomoen(Kindergarten & Nursery school), we perform garden opening for interchange and Child-rearing support with area twice a month. I do not need prior reservation. Including visit before friends and child institution Nursery come casually.


    Opening day

    Opening time

    April, 2018 

    18th Wednesday 

    It is 11:00 from 9:30 a.m.

    May, 2018 

      9th Wednesday / 22nd Tuesday

    June, 2018 

     6th Wednesday / 21st Thursday

    July, 2018 

     11th Wednesday / 25th Wednesday

    August, 2018 

     8th Wednesday / 22nd Wednesday

    September, 2018 

      5th (water i day) / 12th Wednesday

    October, 2018 

     11th Thursday / 17th Wednesday

    November, 2018 

      7th Wednesday / 21st Wednesday

    December, 2018 

      5th Wednesday / 12th Wednesday

    January, 2019 

      9th Wednesday / 16th Wednesday

    February, 2019 

     6th Wednesday / 13th Wednesday

    March, 2019

     20th Wednesday

    Instructions of child institution opening

    • Please come in mobile clothes which can be idle in garden.
    • As there is not insurance correspondence of this approach, I would like participation in self-responsibility of each person. Prevent you from taking your eyes off child even if you play with living-in-children and the staff.
    • When you want to confirm other nursery schools, garden opening day of child institution, please confirm from list of child institution, kindergarten opening days [PDF file /224KB] or page of each garden in the H30 year

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