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furusatosammu support donation (hometown tax)

Publication day to display page for print: January 24, 2017

 About furusatosammu support donation (hometown tax system)

When we contribute to the local government which we want to support, "hometown tax system" is system subtracted from income tax, individual residence tax about part more than 2,000 yen.

Please utilize heartfelt donation to take from all of you for important business.

Sammu City consigns duties about hometown tax from March, 2015 to SCINEX Corporation.

Please use exclusive page of "furusatosammu support donation" about the details including application and privilege.

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Application from this

  sakuraumi Cedarsora

Purpose of donation

 We found "furusatosammu support donation system" to have various business that city works on support in Sammu City and look forward to support from all of you. Donation that had you approach conjugates in four business to advocate next.

(1)Business about environmental protection

 Not only we keep natural environments in good condition, but also aim at nature and sustainable community improvement to coexist because citizen, administration, office wrestle for reduction to environmental load all in one body and succeed comfortable nature which is property of city to the next generation.

  • Country designation natural monument "Naruto, Togane insectivore stock" protection management business
     We grow valuable plant appointed to endangered species other than eight kinds of insectivores including sundew and mogurigoke and okagiitogoke where growth was confirmed all over the world only in this stock much first in stock appointed to natural monument in (1920) in Japan. Appointed area is approximately 32,000 square meters now.
     In late years we are affected by environmental change and rack our brains about protection, but when it is barometer of environmental protection of Motoichi to follow this stock, we arrest and utilize to push forward protection activity by citizen.
  • Forest maintenance promotion business
     We utilize to succeed reduction of greenhouse gas and beautiful nature with oldness to the next generation to regenerate the forest such as sambusugi forest in the city that the dilapidation goes ahead through.
  • Biomass rikatsuyo*susumijigyo
     We utilize by profit of biomass resources (the spread of pellet stoves, the spread of Bdf (biodiesel fuel)) doing existence in the city promoting inflecting, and planning citizen's consciousness improvement for reduction of greenhouse gas to build biomass town Sammu City.



(2)Business about improvement of local education power

 We aim at community improvement that children whom school, home, area live in by cooperation, instructional activity that they collaborated vigorously mutually in society are brought up.

  • Young man overseas deployment business 
     We establish opportunity when children in the city interchange with local people at overseas nature, culture and social conditions, opportunity to contact with cultures such as caring and utilize to bring up children whom wide field of vision and international sense are rich in.
  • Reliable safety measures business of child
     Children go to school in peace to school and, also, utilize watchman activity and greetings, calling exercise of patrol, commuting to and from school for setting of crime prevention device to restrain case that aimed at child to be able to send school life well.
  • Interchange promotion business by dance 
     Children establish place interchanging with people of various generations through dance and plan improvement such as ability for self-expression or sense of cooperation and utilize because local turnout and vitality promote community improvement that there is.



(3)Business about community medicine

 We work on the making of community medicine system while we caught the whole so that health, Welfare, medical care functions effectively.

  • Local incorporated administrative agency sammu medical center budget furtherance business
     It inflects as budget of local incorporated administrative agency sammu medical center supporting medical care of Sammu City.                                         

 sammu medical center

(4) Tokyo Olympics Paralympics commemorative project, Sri Lankan country host town allied enterprise

  • Sammu City invited Sri Lankan country team prior camping by Tokyo Olympics Paralympics tournament held in 2020 and was authorized as host town. We deepen interchange with Sri Lankan country more and will perform various business to connect Tokyo Olympics Paralympics tournament with vitality of city.

Interchange with Sri Lankan country

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Detailed contents from this


Inquiry about overall hometown tax system

  Person in charge of Sammu City government office general affairs department plan policy section plan
  Phone number 0475-80-1131 Fax 0475-82-2107

Inquiry about overall taxation system degree

  Person in charge of Sammu City government office Citizen's Department taxation section municipal tax
  Phone number 0475-80-1281 Fax 0475-82-2107
 ※Town development (Sammu City comprehensive plan) of Sammu City

 Very large alluvial plain where Sammu City forms Kujukuri coastal area and countryside where sandy beach and pine wood range and beautiful forest of Sanmu cedar are comprised in ranging hilly areas, and production of vegetables and fruit is prosperous and is area where forestry thing, seafood of Kujukuri Beach and blessing of nature that utilized Sanmu cedar representing Motoichi are rich in, and enjoy sports such as sea bathing and golf, tennis let alone rice growing and have attractive area resources to youth. We convey this splendid nature carefully in history, and coming people are healed, and town where citizen lives well, citizen each one wrestle for town development to be able to have pride.
 We will create Sammu City which can succeed many dreams in the future so that all citizens are Health, and smiles overflow.

 We hope that we have you support thought to want to support "furusatosammu" which wants to contribute to "furusatosammu" through contribution.
 We look forward to contribution from all of you.