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Movie "it burgeons 30 years of - family torn up" screening society

Publication day to display page for print: September 12, 2018

About holding of movie "it burgeons 30 years of - family torn up" screening society

 Movie is documentary film that we described from case and viewpoint of left family of Megumi Yokota that "it burgeons" has been abducted at the age of only 13 years old in North Korea.

 We hold screening party of movie to have you interest in many people about abduction issue that is not yet solved.

 Please drop in.

Movie "burgeons"; screening society flyer [PDF file /1 .99MB]


 Friday, October 5, 2018

 From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (the opening: at 1:30 p.m.) 


 Naruto Cultural Center wild chrysanthemum plaza hall


 1. Sponsor greetings

 2. About government abduction issue task force "approach of the government"

 3. The movie "it burgeons 30 years of - family torn up" screening


 Government abduction issue task force, Chiba, Sammu City

Participation methods

 No charge for admission

 Prior application is not necessary

 350 first arrival


 Those days 13 years old that went to school as always on the morning of November 15, 1977, girl of seventh grader disappeared in the middle of return from school suddenly in the evening.

 We pray for the safety while changing completely from the moment for days when Yokota family was peaceful, and imagining every situation and will continue looking for daughter Megumi who does not come home. The actual situation called <abduction issue by North Korea> without thinking that is extraordinary; ...

 Then 30 years -. While it is wrapped in anger and sorrow, your parents of Megumi believe survival of Megumi, and days of endless fight to regain Megumi continue.

 The figure which was strongly strenuous bravely arose sympathy from many people and, as well as Japanese Government, came to move many countries. The state is drawn with this movie scrupulously.

                                                                      (from government abduction issue task force homepage)

Government abduction issue task force homepage

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