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About service of airport shuttle bus

Publication day to display page for print: January 1, 2017

About service of airport shuttle bus

About service of airport shuttle bus

 Shibayama railroad extension communication meeting (composed of Shibayama-machi, Yokoshibahikari-machi, Sammu City) travels by the "airport shuttle bus" binding Narita International Airport and the Yokoshiba pleasure boat shore together for the purpose of planning convenience improvement of traffic of local resident as measures temporarily during until railroad extension of the Hasunuma shore from Shibayama Chiyoda as development plan of each noise bottom municipality and east total area by "Shibayama railroad". After checking service route, timetable, fare, please use.

IC card is available

Summary of IC card introduction

Pro-traffic IC card (Suica, PASMO, mobile Suica) is available.
Fare is paid from IC card automatically by touching IC card reader installed in entrance with IC card.
※ It is necessary to charge cash to IC card beforehand.
※ Even cash, coupon can take as before.

Merit of IC card introduction

・Preparation for small change is unnecessary to become payment for electronic money.
・The getting on and off that is smooth just to be involved by card is possible.
・There is discount of fare when you use IC card.
・We can transfer from bus to train with one piece of IC card smoothly.

About payment of fare

As we are changed, payment method of fare, please note "previous riding payment in advance" from "back riding deferred payment" from April 1, 2015.

About coupon

About coupon, we sell in out of airport shuttle bus car and Chiba Kotsu Narita Office.

Coupon classification (two kinds)
・1,000 yen ticket (for a total of 1,100 yen)
  *8 piece of breakdown 100 yen ticket = 800 yen
       *6 piece of 50 yen ticket = 300 yen
・2,000 yen ticket (for a total of 2,200 yen)
  *16 piece of breakdown 100 yen ticket = 1,600 yen
       *12 piece of 50 yen ticket = 600 yen

※We do not issue commuter pass.

Adobe Reader downloading

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