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Plan policy section

About furusatosammu support donation (hometown tax)

About Sammu City trunk bus line transportation system (san bus)

About Sammu City riding together taxi (meet paste)

About airport shuttle bus

Sammu City area public transport activation meeting

Sammu City area public transport meeting

About Sammu City town, person, work construction broad strategic view

About progress management (administrative evaluation) of comprehensive plan

About administrative reform

About designated manager

About Sammu City restoration, revival plan

About use of land, local promotion

About statistics investigation, statistics information

About gender equality

About promotion of computerization

About information security measures

About Sanmu center merger meeting

In addition, (communication adjustment about integrated administration of a large region)

Guidance of main business content and Government building 

Sammu City government office (Naruto district)

Person in charge of plan

General adjustment, plan planning, land utility plan, public transport, international exchange, gender equality, statistics, hometown tax of important measure

Policy, city sales promotion person in charge

Comprehensive plan, local construction broad strategic view, promotion, administrative and financial reform of city sales, administrative evaluation, unification of designated manager system, office work improvement

Information administration

Plan of information policy, promotion of computerization, maintenance construction of information system

Matsuo branch office (Matsuo district)

Airport mirai measures room

Adjustment of preventive measures against plane noise disorders, cooperation with the around Narita International Airport municipalities, Narita International Airport-related measure and problems

Contact information


296, Tonodai, Sanmu-shi, Chiba

  • Tel: 0475-80-1131 (person in charge of plan)
  • Tel: 0475-80-1132 (policy, city sales promotion person in charge)
  • Tel: 0475-80-1136 (information administration)
  • Tel: 0479-80-7115 (〒 289-1593 3012, Matsuomachigotanda, Sanmu-shi, Chiba) in airport mirai measures room (Matsuo branch office)

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