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Health support section

Health business guidance

Blood donation, bone marrow transplantation

Medical checkup, examination

Medical student scholarship

sammu medical center evaluation Committee

Holiday on-duty doctor

Associated facilities

Main business content

[person in charge of Health medical care] Advance of blood donation business, premature infant nurture medical care, maintenances such as health welfare centers, Sanbunomori-genkikan(Training gym & Pool) business, food hygiene business, support relations of sammu medical center, settlement office work of kyukumigoritsukokuhonarihigashibyoin, medical student scholarship and nursing student grant
[person in charge of adult health] Lifestyle-related disease measures, cancer screening, health promotion business, specific medical examination (only as for the enforcement), specific health instruction, adult dental health examination, health consultation, nourishment consultation to be concerned with adult, the infectious disease prevention and prevention of epidemics, vaccination of elderly person
[person in charge of maternal and child health] Vaccinations such as grant of mother and child health handbook, infants medical examination, various classrooms, consultation (child care, dentistry, nourishment), upbringing of member of health promotion, dentistry health business, infants

Contact information


296, Tonodai, Sanmu-shi, Chiba

  • Tel: 0475-80-1173 (person in charge of Health medical care)
  • Tel: 0475-80-1171 (person in charge of adult health)
  • Tel: 0475-80-1172 (person in charge of maternal and child health)
  • Tel: 0475-80-1381 (Child-rearing generation inclusion support center "hapinesu")
  • Tel: 0475-88-1154 (National Health Insurance sun medical office)