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Child-rearing support section

Child institution, kindergarten, nursery school

Child-rearing support center

After-school child day care

The child medical expenses furtherance

The high school student medical expenses furtherance

Next-generation upbringing

Child, Child-rearing support new system

Child, Child-rearing meeting

Station of baby

Home-bound child consultation center

Home-bound child consultation center

Child-rearing handbook

Main business content

[person in charge of child family] Child medical care, children's allowance, Child Rearing Allowance, home child guidance, schoolchild childcare, declining birthrate measures, child abuse prevention measures, DV measures
[kindergartens and nursery schools child institution room] Enforcement of childcare, management administration, child institution of nursery school

Contact information


296, Tonodai, Sanmu-shi, Chiba

  • Tel: 0475-80-2631 (person in charge of child family)
  • Tel: 0475-80-2632 (kindergartens and nursery schools child institution person in charge)
  • Tel: 0475-80-2634 (home-bound child consultation center)

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