Staff workshop

Publication day to display page for print: August 15, 2018

It is opened the staff training to the public

 We perform workshop outside business hours for nature improvement of the staff in city and are released toward the citizen.

 As prior application is unnecessary, person that participation is hoped for come to venue directly.

 In addition, on account of venue preparations, please let know Name of Representative and the participation number of people at the following when he/she participates in more than 5 groups.



MONSUNThemeLecturerVenue, remarks

Essence of staff image and the training that you should aim at

As friend making area together

Mayor Senshu Shiina

Mariko Tokoro

Osato general management's representative director

Large meeting room
May24th6 million inbound and regional activation

Tomohiro Okamoto

TFK former president

Large meeting room
June28thAbout forged prevention technologies of bill

Atsushi Kuribayashi

(Germany) department of National Printing Bureau bank note's deputy manager

Deputy mayor Kazuyoshi Takahashi

The sixth meeting room
July24thLesson as administration in Kumamoto earthquake

Tadao Yamamoto

Synthesis disaster prevention solution representative director

The sixth meeting room
September4thMental attitude as leader, supervision

Takuji Nishimura

Manager at Tokyo Fuji University table tennis club

Large meeting room
January, 31
February, 31
March, 31

※Of mention in particular when there is not, time is around 90 minutes from 5:45 p.m.