Fixed-term staff (nurse) offer

Publication day to display page for print: December 25, 2017

Fixed-term staff (nurse) offer

 Sammu City recruits people who can work as nurse in child institutions in the city for three years from April 1, 2018.
 It is service that is approximately similar to the regular staff except that we are placed as "the regular staff" not the temporary appointment staff, Administrative Staff, and there is term.

1.Is going to adopt; the types of job


 One offer staff

 In one born by April 1, 1997 from qualifications April 2, 1962, it is qualification of original nurse and work experience

        One having this

[common matter]

Applicable person cannot apply for any of the following.

 (1) Adult ward or cover conservator (including quasi-incompetent)

 (2) One before ceasing to receive the execution until we are sentenced to punishment more than taboo ko and end the execution or

 (3) One that gets a punishment of disciplinary dismissal in Sammu City, and does not pass in two years from day of the disposal concerned

 (4) We insist on destroying the Constitution of Japan or the government formed below by violence in after day of the Constitution of Japan enforcement

    Person who formed political party or other groups or joined this

2.Selection method

 We carry out documents examination, composition examination and individual interview.
 Please submit medical examination report at the time of individual interview to confirm Health degree which is necessary for duties accomplishment to a minimum.

3.Procedure of application

From reception desk period Monday, February 5, 2018 to Wednesday, February 14
From time in weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
        (we do not accept on Saturday for closed days on Sunday and holiday.)
Person in charge of staff of the second floor of reception desk place Sammu City government office new building general affairs department General Administration Division
         〒289-1392 296, Tonodai, Sanmu-shi

   ※ In the case of mail, we accept to thing of postmark on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.
      Destination is person in charge of staff of general affairs department General Administration Division.

Documents necessary for application
 (1) Application book << separate paragraph style 1 >> [PDF file /61KB]

 (2) Resume << attached sheet style 2 >> [PDF file /80KB]

 (3) Documents which understand the work experience number of years such as holding the post certificates

4.Announcement of the selection date and time and passer

(1) The first selection (documents examination)
(2) The second selection
    Monday, March 5, 2018
    For the first selection passer, we carry out individual interview and composition examination.
    We will tell time and place about the details in conjunction with notice of results of the first selection.

(3) Announcement of the last results
    We plan the middle of March.

5.About duty conditions (as of January, 2016)

(1) Salary
  Oh, it is starting salary
    The first grade 25 gokyu 178,200 yen (two years system which graduated from junior colleges)

    The first grade 29 gokyu 184,800 yen (three years system which graduated from junior colleges)    
    ※There is the addition by work experience years.

  i other benefits
    Dependency allowance, commutation allowance, house allowance, kimatsu, hard work allowance, overtime entitlement, area allowance based on the salary regulations
    It is paid.

(2) Working hours
    Working hours of the day are seven hours 45 minutes, 38 hours 45 minutes a week.
    It becomes shift system about person of child institution duty, and, also, there is duty by shift on Saturday.

(3) Vacation
    Annual vacation    20 days a year
    Absence from work due to mourning such as compassionate leave, Marriage vacation, care leave are maintained.


(1) I do not return documents submitted in the case of application.

(2) When injustice includes the items mentioned to presentation documents, we may lose adopted qualification.

(3) About personal information listed in presentation documents, is protected by Sammu City ordinance of privacy protection, other than staff employment examination

    It may not be used in purpose of this.
    But, about personal information listed in resume which employed person submitted, we handle as staff history.

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