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Publication day to display page for print: September 3, 2018
 The mayor

Mayor of Sanmu Hiroaki Matsushita

    We appreciate your accessing Sammu City homepage.

    Sammu City among the sea and green. To prefecture capital, Chiba-shi and Narita International Airport from approximately 10km 30km again to the downtown area

   At distance from approximately 50km to 70km, it is located in Northeast Chiba.

    Many people who have Kujukuri Beach in the southeastern part of city, and enjoy Malin leisure in the summer in Sammu City

   He/she is in. In addition, there are plains where rural scenery spreads through in the northwestern part from center of city and trees of forest live

   It becomes hilly areas which are full of nature growing thick.

    What information can send the history and traditional culture, potential that Sammu City has again to from this homepage

   We pray.

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