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About safe check such as walls made of blocks

Publication day to display page for print: September 7, 2018

 About safe check such as walls made of blocks

By earthquake with intensity 6 lower that centered on North Osaka on June 18, 2018, concrete wall made of blocks of pool of elementary school collapses,

Pitiful case that child going to school died occurred.

Not only we fall down at the time of earthquake easily, and we block up road, and wall which we made disturbs refuge and help, fire fighting without following standard, but also,

We may take human life.

In prefecture and city, urgently check targeting at school zones, but, not only wall of school, is wide; about wall of general building

Attention is necessary.

We check safety of wall made of blocks and stone fence, and let's prepare for disaster.

Checkpoint of check of wall made of blocks

Checkpoint (the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) [PDF file /102KB]

Right construction method (Chiba) [PDF file /3 .01MB]

Consultation of expert

Association of nonprofit foundation Chiba authorized architect office

General Chiba authorized architect society

Nonprofit foundation Japan Institute of Architects Kanto and Koshinetsu Branch Chiba area meeting


 Person in charge of Sammu City city Construction Department city Maintenance Division city planning 0475-80-1191

 Sanbu, Chiba engineering works office architecture residential land section 0475-54-1133

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