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Sammu City mascot character SUN-MUSHI-KUN


Medium and small-sized business support


List of festival, event, sightseeing information

Main business content

[economic activated promotion room] Local industrial activation, promotion of economic gardening business, agriculture, commerce and industry cooperation support, the sixth industry promotion of becoming
[person in charge of commercial and industrial sightseeing] Commercial instruction, upbringing, commercial and industrial meeting, industrial upbringing, consumer life, natural resources, examination of measurement, collection of gravel, medium and small-sized business financing mediation, labor and the employment, maintenance of tourist facility and maintenance, nature park, nature walk, management of setting, the shore and shore parking lot of beach, sightseeing Event

Contact information


296, Tonodai, Sanmu-shi, Chiba

  • Tel: 0475-80-1202 (sightseeing promotion person in charge)
  • Tel: 0475-80-1201 (person in charge of economic activated promotion)

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