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Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division

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Radioactivity connection

Measures such as the harmful birds and beasts

Wood, biomass fuel utilization promotion

Biomass town

Forest connection

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[person in charge of agriculture water] As for agriculture promotion area maintenance plan, rice field agriculture measures, farmhouse association, agriculture and forestry business system fund, the harmful birds and beasts extermination, prevention of pest, farming base reinforcement, cultivation abandonment place measures business, the industry festival gardening farm output, stock raising, fishery, farm products fabrication plant, industry base facilities
[person in charge of agriculture engineering works] Maintenance such as agriculture and forestry way and facilities for agriculture and maintenance, reclamation business, agriculture farm village maintenance business, forest road and forestry conservancy business, agriculture and forestry fisheries-affiliated disaster restoration, farmland maintenance business, agricultural settlement drainage business
[biomass promotion room] Promotion of biomass, promotion of forestry, promotion of new energy

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296, Tonodai, Sanmu-shi, Chiba

  • Tel: 0475-80-1211 (person in charge of agriculture water)
  • Tel: 0475-80-1212 (person in charge of agriculture engineering works)
  • Tel: 0475-80-1213 (person in charge of biomass promotion)

Fax: 0475-82-2107