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Privacy Policy

Publication day to display page for print: February 1, 2012

Privacy policy in Sammu City homepage

Basic policy

In Sammu City, we handle based on "Sammu City ordinance of privacy protection" about collection, the use, management of personal information in "web page in the Internet" (we say "homepage" as follows.) appropriately and respect your privacy that homepage is read enough and act to be able to use in peace.

With personal information

 "Personal information" is information about individual and, by descriptions such as full names included in the information concerned, we can distinguish authorized individual and say (we can collate with other information easily and thereby include thing which may distinguish authorized individual.). But information about officers such as the corporations included in information about corporation or other groups concerned is excluded.

About collection of personal information

When Sammu City collects personal information through homepage, we should be offer of information by intention of user. And, in collection of personal information, we make purpose of the collection clear and perform in range necessary to achieve the purpose concerned.
 In addition, we display e-mail address of post in charge to ask about Contact us from user and opinion, request in homepage and set so that email sends with PCs which he/she uses.

About the use of personal information and offer

We do not perform the use except purpose that we exhibited and offer except purpose unless we use personal information that we collected within the purpose of collection that we stated clearly beforehand, and fate establishes in "Sammu City ordinance of privacy protection" including case that there is in case or laws and ordinances getting consent of user.
 In addition, among personal information that all of you gave offer to, you use for realization of municipal administration that is better about contents of Contact us and opinion, request and improvement of homepage, and please let me use only for certification identification for reply and confirmation about full name, address, e-mail address.

About management of personal information

About personal information that we collected, department of jurisdiction manages severely and takes hedges such as leak, loss, unjust diversion. In addition, we discard immediately or personal information that was not necessary removes.

About log file

We record the access situation of homepage in log file. We use investigations into improvement and unauthorized access of homepage for better administration of homepage and may not use this for other purposes.

Link policy

Links from homepage of Motoichi to web page in other Internet are intended to just plan convenience of user and do not guarantee privacy policy of linked site.