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About this homepage

Publication day to display page for print: March 1, 2012

Basic way of thinking of homepage making

We make "Sammu City official homepage" (the following, our homepage) by the next way of thinking.

The staff of department in charge of duties makes and aims at offer of information that is the latest as possible, and is detailed.
We take civic viewpoint and are thinking about plain page constitution.
In consideration for accessibility, we keep the making of page that many people are easy to use in mind.

Link policy 

Link to this site

As a general rule, link to our homepage is free, but hopes that we link to top page ( When you are set any place other than the top page, please note that it may become broken link by changes of site constitution.
About contents of homepage by other groups linking to our homepage or individual, our city does not take any responsibility.
Opinion, claim, viewpoint listed in homepage of origin of link and opinion belong to independent group or individual of individual and do not mean opinion, claim, situation of our city or opinion.
Please note that contents of homepage of origin of link may ask cases against laws and ordinances and public order and morals for deletion of link.

Links from this site to other sites

In our homepage, we may link to other sites. Because there are not these sites under the management of our city, about contents of linked contents, our city does not take any responsibility.
Opinion, claim, viewpoint listed in linked homepage and opinion belong to individual independent groups or individual and do not mean opinion, claim, situation of city or opinion.
In addition, setting of link does not mean that our city recommends the site.

Copyright Policy 

As a general rule, information (document, photograph, illustration) published in "Sammu City official homepage" belongs to Sammu City. In addition, original work author owns copyrights such as some images.

Approach to Web accessibility

Web accessibility policy

 Sammu City homepage (site beginning in aims for JIS X 8341-3 that is country standard norm of Web accessibility being based on 2010 (elderly person, person with a disability apparatus, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and service - Part 3: Web contents) class AA partly to consider enough Web accessibility for being homepage where all people are easy to use information and service to offer.

 In addition, about some contents, there is thing which does not meet achievement standard by circumstances of operation.

  • Attached files such as PDF
  • Video contents
  • It is content of Sammu City, but it is given information by outside server of the other domain

 We fill in contact information of post in charge whether these contents provide contents by substitute means so that we contact for contents of contents, and it is possible.

Contact us about Sammu City homepage

Contact us about the whole Sammu City homepage

General affairs department citizen's autonomy support section citizen public relations officer
 Telephone 0475-80-0152 / email katsudoshien @ (half size, please all) 

Contact us about each content

Please connect with post in charge listed in contents page directly.