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Method to escalate letter

Publication day to display page for print: March 1, 2012

1. Change method on homepage

We can increase letter when we click "expansion" in part of figure button on common header.
When we want to return to standard size, we can put back when we click "standard" button. 

2. Change method by browser

By browsers such as Internet Explorer it is possible in the following procedures to change.

When we display screen on the Internet, we click "indication" of upper part menubar.
Then, we can choose size desired among "maximum" from "minimum" when we choose "size".
※"The inside" is size set by default.

When you change size on browser, please be careful as size grows big when we read other sites. 

When we cannot change

We use Javascript for Font size , change function of background color. As you do not function when PC of the use becomes setting to invalidate Javascript, you validate Javascript on this occasion, and please use.