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The birthplace of Sammu City Historical Museum, Sachio Ito

Museum whole viewThe left 1,000 husband birthplace


With Sammu City Historical Museum…

 Sammu City Historical Museum was built adjacent to the birthplace of poet, novelist Sachio Ito in 1972.
 In the first floor, it is in plan exhibition room displaying history document which came from area, culture, permanent construction exhibition room where the second floor displays life of Sachio Ito and work, memento, document indicating relation with coteries.
 There is storehouse in the depths of museum tea-ceremony room "yuishinkaku" other than the birthplace, and there is monument inscribed with a tanka poem of "Ushikai" in front yard. 

 Plan exhibition

  We are holding "left 1,000 husband and manuscript" now in Sammu City Historical Museum.


Matsuo feudal clan museum


Matsuo feudal clan museum which we looked at from entrance 



With Matsuo feudal clan museum…

 It was sealed Matsuo change Kakegawa feudal lord Sukeyoshi Ota (we are transparent and are good) in 1869 and was opened by Iesato Tokugawa (with bait) having been performed ifu of with Tokugawa shogunate government collapse in Matsuo feudal clan in 1868 (Meiji 1) by shunfu (existing Shizuoka).
 With this, shibi planned Matsuojo construction of a castle of "bastion (neither) expression". Feudal clan agency and feudal lord's house separate this castle and show outside castle specific form not to be seen. As well as Goryokaku of Hakodate, "Matsuojo" constructed a castle by the modern construction of a castle method is precious historic cultural heritage.
 We would appreciate your knowing this precious inheritance to everybody widely.


Temporary exhibition 

 We are performing temporary exhibition "feudal lord handwriting letter" now at Matsuo feudal clan museum.

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