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General education meeting

Publication day to display page for print: August 31, 2018

General education meeting

 We are promulgated on June 20, 2014, and law to revise a part of the law about organization of local educational administration and administration is enforced on April 1, 2015.
 The Board of Education planned enough mutual understanding with the mayor in that, and we shared local problem and figure which there should be, and synthesis education meeting was installed for the purpose of planning promotion of educational administration that reflected the popular will still more newly. This is placed as the mayor as place of discussion, adjustment between equal executive organs called the Board of Education.
 In addition, member of general education meeting becomes the Board of Education with the mayor, and the mayor calls, and meeting is held as needed.

Sammu City synthesis education meeting setting summary

Sammu City synthesis education meeting setting summary [PDF file /133KB]

Hearing of general education meeting

 We can observe general education meeting (except the agenda decided to perform behind closed doors).
 One in hope of hearing has address, the name fill out observer reception desk list by ten minutes for 30 minutes of the opening of a meeting time of meeting, and please receive pass to a court hearing.

 Next general education meeting (we show around the date and time, place, the agenda.)

Meeting result


The dateMinutes     
The first Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Under making                    

Meeting materials (1) [PDF file /60KB]

Meeting materials (2) [PDF file /1 .51MB]

Meeting materials (3) [PDF file /1 .24MB]


The dateMinutes
The first Wednesday, October 11, 2017Minutes [PDF file /376KB]

Meeting materials [PDF file /794KB]


The dateMinutes
The first Friday, August 26, 2016Minutes [PDF file /429KB]

Meeting materials (1) [PDF file /727KB]

Meeting materials (2) [PDF file /3 .44MB]

The second Thursday, March 30, 2017Minutes [PDF file /508KB]Meeting materials [PDF file /7 .78MB]


The dateMinutes
The first Wednesday, July 1, 2015Minutes [PDF file /509KB]Meeting materials [PDF file /7 four days a month MB]
The second Wednesday, September 16, 2015Minutes [PDF file /294KB]Meeting materials [PDF file /4 08 days a month MB]
The third Monday, December 21, 2015Minutes [PDF file /494KB]Meeting materials [PDF file /9 .75MB]
The fourth Thursday, March 10, 2016Minutes [PDF file /509KB]Meeting materials [PDF file /7 29 days a month MB]

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