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List of school facilities

Publication day to display page for print: April 1, 2018
[ Elementary school / Junior high school / High school / Lunch center ]

Elementary school

School namePrincipal name (2018)AddressContact information
Sanmu City Naruto elementary schoolHigh chobu2692, Narutou, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-82-2755
Sanmu City Ootomi Elementary SchoolKoji MaruyamaNiinomi, Sanmu-shi to 60Phone number0475-82-2806
Sanmu City Nango elementary schoolMasahiko Koseki884-1, Kamiyokoji, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-82-2669
Sanmu City Midorimi Elementary SchoolMitsuyo SuzukiMatsugaya, Sanmu-shi ro 471-1Phone number0475-84-0024
Sanmu City Naruhama Elementary School

Kunio Kawaguchi

1090, Motosuka, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-84-1045
Sanmu City Hyuga Elementary SchoolMasayuki Suzuki10, Ametsubo, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-88-0504
Sanmu City Mutsuoka Elementary School

Hidehiko Abiru

771, Haniya, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-89-1004
Sanmu City Sanbukita Elementary SchoolValley Kei greens child699, Okiwatashi, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-89-1040
Sanmu City Sanbunishi Elementary SchoolTsuneo Tomura13, Ogi, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-80-7070
Sanmu City Hasunuma Elementary SchoolTsutomu Kanazawa2784 of Hasunumai, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-86-2107
Sanmu City Toyooka Elementary SchoolTakahiko Maruo441, Matsuomachikannoo, Sanmu-shiPhone number0479-86-2124
Sanmu City Ohira Elementary SchoolAkiyama terumi1140, Matsuomachihirone, Sanmu-shiPhone number0479-86-3110
Sanmu City Matsuo Elementary SchoolKazuhiro Kamikawa383, Matsuomachisaruo, Sanmu-shiPhone number0479-86-2034

Junior high school

School namePrincipal name (2018)AddressContact information
Sanmu City Naruto junior high schoolHirofumi Inoue567, Wada, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-82-2548
Sanmu City Narutohigashi Junior High SchoolKenichi Saita2452-1, Gokita, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-84-0039
Sanmu City Sanbu Junior High SchoolSmallHigh Kazunori1855, Haniya, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-89-1009
Sanmu City Sanbuminami Junior High SchoolTakayuki Oya2370, Kibara, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-80-7100
Sanmu City Hasunuma Junior High SchoolTakeshi Iuchi1036 of Hasunumaha, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-86-2037
Sammu City Tatematsu Onaka schoolHiromichi Inoue112, Matsuomachimatsuo, Sanmu-shiPhone number0479-86-4411

High school

School nameAddressContact information
Chiba Prefectural Naruto High School3596, Narutou, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-82-3171
Chiba Tatematsu tail high school546, Matsuomachiotsutsumi, Sanmu-shiPhone number0479-86-4311

Lunch center

Facilities nameAddressContact information
Naruto school meal centerTomida, Sanmu-shi to 1177-6Phone number0475-82-2015
Sanmu school meal center1868-1, Haniya, Sanmu-shiPhone number0475-89-1921