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Recruitment of 2018 Sammu City boy overseas deployment interns (dispatch in New Zealand)

Publication day to display page for print: May 1, 2018

Recruitment of overseas deployment interns

NZ    nz

In city, we perform overseas deployment business targeting at junior high student, high school students resident in the city taking the future of Sammu City. Training is going to perform on-site training at local junior high school in New Zealand. It recruits participants of this business as follows.

Offer contents

About implementation guideline

About implementation guideline, reference give the following essential point
Implementation guidelineImplementation guideline [PDF file /238KB]
FlyerFlyer [PDF file /111KB]

Visit country

New Zealand (around Oakland)

The offer number of people

18 people

Application period

It is Thursday for 31 days from Tuesday, May 1

Dispatch period

It is Thursday for 23 days from Thursday, August 16

Participation qualification

  • It is junior high school 2.3 years student with address and high school student in the city
  • Person who has not participated in overseas deployment business before 2017.
  • *Composition, interview determine intern.

Application method

Application paper and composition (write theme "participating in the overseas deployment training, and wanting to wrestle" ※ choice motives concretely. Please submit around two pieces of 400 characters manuscript paper) to Lifelong Learning Division directly.

About application paper

I would like presentation by any of the following application paper.
1. Application paper which we downloaded from the following
Application paper2018 participation application [PDF file /72KB]

2. Application paper attached to Sammu City Board of Education Lifelong Learning Division

Entrance fee

   80,000 yen  ※We may collect fuel surcharge charges separately.

About prior briefing session

 As you hold prior briefing session as follows, targeting at applicant (including planned person) all the members, please participate by protector companion.

The holding date and time, place

The date and time: From Friday, May 11 7:00 p.m.

Place: sambushiyakushodai 6.7 meeting room (the second floor of garage ridge)




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