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Recruitment of the first Sammu City kids boccia conventionalists - first generation champion is you! ...

 The first kids boccia meet flyer

 We hold boccia meet of "primary schoolchild-limited" to become the first attempt in Sammu City.

 If person who has not done boccia can have even indoor sports shoes, there is chance of championship to anyone.

 On the day, before competition, there are rule explanation by players of representative from Japan class and simulated performance. In addition, it is meeting that even the first person can enjoy when players can give an advice after the competition start!

[last time exchange meeting] Lecture about boccia[the time exchange meeting before last] Rule explanation, simulated performance

※Photograph is state of boccia exchange meeting that we performed before.

※We had you participate toward the wide age group concerning boccia exchange meeting until last year, but should be meeting that we limited to primary schoolchild from this year.

What kind of sport is boccia?

 Boccia is official event of the Paralympics by severeness cerebral palsy born in Europe or sports devised for limbs severeness person with a disability at the same level.

 In late years, with or without obstacle, any people regardless of age or sex, anyone attract attention as sports that we can enjoy.

 We throw ball by six pitches each and we roll and assign red, blue to other balls and compete how you bring close to white ball called Jack ball.

 At this meeting, we hold meeting according to rule of game boccia rule (Sammu City version).

 Game boccia rule (Sammu City version) [Word file /45KB]

 In addition, please look at by all means as there is guide whom Japanese Para-Sports Association issues about charm and rule of boccia.

 Easy! Boccia guide [PDF file /2 .11MB]

 Origin of source Japanese Para-Sports Association homepage

Characteristic of now meeting

Primary schoolchild-limited meeting 

 If it is age of primary schoolchild, with or without man, woman, place of residence, obstacle, anyone can participate!

Inexperienced person warm welcome

 The first one is fine! It is sport that even person weak in exercise can enjoy.

 On the day it is all right if there are indoor sports shoes!

 Player of representative from Japan class tells rule before competition easily!

Play of player of representative from Japan class is seen raw!

 On the day please show explanation of rule and simulated performance to player of representative from Japan class.

 In addition, we can get advice from players after competition began.

 It is valuable opportunity when we can interchange with player who may participate in the Tokyo Paralympics.

The date

 Sunday, February 18, 2018


 Hasunuma sports plaza (5402-1 of Hasunumaha, Sanmu-shi)


 We accept at 13:00 from 12:30
 It is 13:15 opening ceremony from 13:00
 Performances simulated from 13:15 at 14:00 lecture, rule explanation by representative from Japan players
 From 14:00 competition (application required) by 16:00 participant
 It is 16:15 closing ceremony from 16:00


 Primary schoolchild (man, woman, the city, the suburbs do not matter)

 ※It is application with three principles one set, but application with one set of two people is possible when the number of people is inconvenient.

Entrance fee

 Free of charge


 Clothes which can exercise


 Gymnasium shoes (indoor sports shoes), drink

Application method 

 We submit application to education General Administration Division (Fax, E-mail, mail) 

 ・Fax 0475-80-1400


 ・It is addressed to postal 〒 289-1324 279-1, Tonodai, Sanmu-shi Sammu City Board of Education education General Administration Division

 Participation application [PDF file /204KB]

 ※Application is not necessary about visit of competition.

Deadline for application 

 Friday, February 2, 2018

Contact information

 Education General Administration Division facilities maintenance person in charge Tel: 0475-80-1432 Fax: 0475-80-1400

Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commendation receiving a prize to affect "area school collaboration" promotion in 2017

 We saw green, and child classroom (Sammu City after school child classroom: the green sea small) won Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commendation to affect "area school collaboration" promotion in 2017.

 Supported growth of area children who carried the future altogether, and we got participation in planning such as wide local residents, and effective administration was performed by organization which accepted the fact and characteristic of area and school among activities that construction did area, and it was admitted with other models, and the contents won Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commendation.

 Prize giving was held in the third floor of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology east hall hall on Thursday, December 7, 2017, and Hisae Namiki and Manager Sammu City Board of Education brook education of classroom coordinator attended.

 Discussion meeting with learning cheering party (company, group, university having you approve of promotion of instructional activity on Saturday) was held on person concerned with local government and member of area school collaboration activity promotion, Saturday to make use in future activity after the commendation ceremony.


Commendation ceremony photograph 1     Commendation ceremony photograph 2

The left: The brook education manager right: Row of trees coordinator


We visit the Board of Education

 We visited Sammu City Board of Education and we won and reported to the Kase superintendent of education.

Contact information

Person in charge of Lifelong Learning Division lifelong learning Tel: 0475-80-1451 Fax: 0475-80-1400 

Homepage of kindergarten, elementary and junior high school

 Each kindergarten, elementary and junior high school of Sammu City establishes homepage.Homepage of kindergarten, elementary and junior high school

 Other than education target and history, we publish schedule.

School meal

School meal School meal of Sammu City is with photograph and publishes menu on the day.
 In addition, we tell about production centers of farm products using.
 Sometimes please see by all means as we publish column of dietician with menu.

 To page of school meal center

Request at the time of leaving school

 We put together in home time of primary schoolchild and call for cooperation by radio broadcasting for disaster prevention administration about security of children.Request at the time of leaving school

 In the case of walk and shopping, we would appreciate your watching children leaving school.

Please utilize map

Please utilize map

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