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Publication day to display page for print: March 22, 2018

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We held the fifth sammu spring fiesta

 On Saturday, March 10, we held the fifth sammu spring fiesta in Hasunuma beach park Ikoinohiroba which was stricken area of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

 Unfortunately condition of course was bad, and strawberry jogging was called off by bad weather until the day before, but we planned revival of disaster area and held "earthquake disaster revival tree-planting ceremony IN sammu" for the purpose of bringing up young environment learning, physical strength improvement, regionalism.

 Tree-planting ceremony carrying out from 2010 is this year; of the eighth when became held, and included 2,000 black pines which planted this time, planted a tree with black pine and evergreen broad-leaved tree of 28,900 in total.

 143 people participated from neighborhood municipalities including the Sanmu city and planted transplant iron with wish in hand saying "be brought up well".

Tree planting scenery 1Tree planting scenery 2

 In addition, this tree-planting ceremony got "green donation" of nonprofit foundation tree planting promotion mechanism and cooperation of nonprofit foundation golf tree planting promotion meeting and was held.

Revival tree-planting ceremony signboard

Contact information

Person in charge of Lifelong Learning Division lifelong learning Tel: 0475-80-1451 Fax: 0475-80-1400 


We held the first Sammu City kids boccia meet

 On Sunday, February 18, boccia meeting of "less than primary schoolchild-limited" which became the first attempt was held in Sammu City in Hasunuma sports plaza by venue.

 On the day we had you participate in 11 sets, 29 primary schoolchildren, and the cause of instruction of guest played an active part in international meeting, qualifier, the semifinals, the final and white-hot play were developed.

  Group photoCompetition photograph

[reference] What kind of sport is boccia?

 Boccia is official event of the Paralympics by severeness cerebral palsy born in Europe or sports devised for limbs severeness person with a disability at the same level.

 In late years, with or without obstacle, any people regardless of age or sex, anyone attract attention as sports that we can enjoy.

 We throw ball by six pitches each and we roll and assign red, blue to other balls and compete how you bring close to white ball called Jack ball.

 As there is guide whom Japanese Para-Sports Association issues about charm and rule of boccia, please look at.

 Easy! Boccia guide [PDF file /2 .11MB]

 Origin of source Japanese Para-Sports Association homepage

Contact information

 Education General Administration Division facilities maintenance person in charge Tel: 0475-80-1432 Fax: 0475-80-1400

Homepage of kindergarten, elementary and junior high school

 Each kindergarten, elementary and junior high school of Sammu City establishes homepage.Homepage of kindergarten, elementary and junior high school

 Other than education target and history, we publish schedule.

School meal

School meal School meal of Sammu City is with photograph and publishes menu on the day.
 In addition, we tell about production centers of farm products using.
 Sometimes please see by all means as we publish column of dietician with menu.

 To page of school meal center

Request at the time of leaving school

 We put together in home time of primary schoolchild and call for cooperation by radio broadcasting for disaster prevention administration about security of children.Request at the time of leaving school

 In the case of walk and shopping, we would appreciate your watching children leaving school.

Please utilize map

Please utilize map

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