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Publication day to display page for print: August 14, 2018

Coco of Sammu City education is great

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Board of Education Topics

Sammu City young people Sri Lanka mission went for the training! 

H30 Sri Lanka dispatch 

 Sammu City young people Sri Lanka mission went to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka for the training in period from July 22 to July 30. We visited shigiriyarokku which was JICA Sri Lanka office, school, world heritage in this training including Sri Lankan country ministries and government offices such as Department of Education and Ministry of Sports.

 We experienced most that there was not experience in usual times such as talk in president box of dinner meeting with education minister, sports minister and national cricket ground, and intern went back.

 These; as is going to carry out training briefing session jointly with member of JICA, New Zealand dispatch intern in having learned on September 29, please participate.

※For details, we publicize by homepage, city public information later.

Contact information

 Person in charge of Lifelong Learning Division lifelong learning Tel: 0475-80-1451 Fax: 0475-80-1400 

Homepage of kindergarten, elementary and junior high school

 Each kindergarten, elementary and junior high school of Sammu City establishes homepage.Homepage of kindergarten, elementary and junior high school

 Other than education target and history, we publish schedule.

School meal

School meal School meal of Sammu City is with photograph and publishes menu on the day.
 In addition, we tell about production centers of farm products using.
 Sometimes please see by all means as we publish column of dietician with menu.

Request at the time of leaving school

 We put together in home time of primary schoolchild and call for cooperation by radio broadcasting for disaster prevention administration about security of children.Request at the time of leaving school

 In the case of walk and shopping, we would appreciate your watching children leaving school.

Please utilize map

Please utilize map


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