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We look for with calendar

April, 2018

Date Day (holiday) Event
1st On Sunday Public information sammu April, 2018 issue
    Public information sammu
2nd On Monday 2019 Sammu City coming-of-age ceremony (until January 11)
3rd On Tuesday  
4th On Wednesday  
5th On Thursday  
6th On Friday  
7th On Saturday  
8th On Sunday  
9th On Monday  
10th On Tuesday  
11th On Wednesday  
12th On Thursday  
13th On Friday  
14th On Saturday  
15th On Sunday  
16th On Monday The Sanmu mayoral election and municipal assembly member of the Diet by-election (the April 15, 2018 execution)
    Chiba congressist by-election (the April 15, 2018 execution)
17th On Tuesday  
18th On Wednesday  
19th On Thursday  
20th On Friday  
21st On Saturday  
22nd On Sunday  
23rd On Monday  
24th On Tuesday  
25th On Wednesday  
26th On Thursday  
27th On Friday  
28th On Saturday  
29th On Sunday (day of Showa)  
30th On Monday (holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday)